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January Thoughts

Marriage is stupid.

I can’t go an hour without lip balm and my lips aren’t even dry.

Laying on the cold floor feels very nice.

If power was a colour it would be red.

I pretend I’m organised but I’m not. I might just be the worst Virgo ever.

Grammar is a huge turn on.

I think the aliens have forgotten about me.

One day I will have a pet fox.

If I don’t want something to have happened then I can literally trick my brain into thinking it didn’t.

I’m pretty when I cry.

I’m a much better person when I’m on my own.

Tuesday’s are so boring.

If I wasn’t me, I think I’d want to be me.

I will do anything for somebody on a skateboard.

Who says forever is a long time?

My phone would stop going flat if I stopped using it.

I can do almost anything.

Language and vocabulary are incredible. Pretty words make you pretty inside. And outside.

I sleep like I’ve got the devil in my blood.

Boys are comparable to Xanax. They’re bad for you but they make you feel so good. They can also make you forget entire days. They’re also great on a Sunday morning.

Grudges are pointless and waste your energy. Forgive and forget.

Playing dumb isn’t cool anymore. Intellect is in.

I will always win playing Twister.

Tame Impala suits any situation.

I don’t think love or relationships are meant for me.

Some kisses taste like Mountain Dew. They makes my lips even hungrier.

I shouldn’t have caffeine. Or gluten.

I don’t take well to authority.

The further I go away, the closer I get to home.


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this is home <3


Aayushree Koirala
Aayushree Koirala
Sep 22, 2023

I love how such simple things can become such poetic pleasures.


Found my safe space, I love the internet


Nov 25, 2021

i am in love with this ,



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