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ON SUN SWALLOWING available for pre-order NOW

More details on MY WEBSITE or order directly via PURE NOWHERE.


Hello angels, I hope you’re all well and thriving this holiday season.

I happen to have a gift, from me to you, to celebrate a year of perpetual patience and end it with a twisted cosmic opulence.

ON SUN SWALLOWING, my debut poetry/prose collection, is now available for pre-order.


Crafting this book from the very essence of my being feels like all I have ever known. I could not have existed before this. Nothing could have existed before this.

The writings in this book have been curated and conceptualised over the last 5 years and reflect on a timeframe spanning across the better (or worse) majority of my life. In the writings you will find my innermost thoughts, desires, and hellish confessions.

My obsession with literature and language is no secret to the world and relishing in this opulent lifestyle is my utmost pleasure. I am honoured. I am even more so honoured that you are here with me, to experience it together, over and over again.


“On Sun Swallowing is a sweet and bloody collection of poetry, prose and journal extracts, dancing in the spaces between skinned knees and red wine, satin and switchblades, rosaries and Dionysian ecstasy. Her writings are haunted by the ghosts of girlhood, god/s, lovers and the landscape of childhood, but Warren is unflinching - she haunts her ghosts in return, with sharp lyricism and cutthroat vulnerability.

On Sun Swallowing explores shadowy emotion, at times in a whisper, at times in a scream. Think: cheap cigarettes, even cheaper wine, and an oath to reach hell by midnight and be home in time for work in the morning.”


Compiling five years of poetry, prose and journal extracts, On Sun Swallowing is the debut release of Australian poet Dakota Warren. Winding through unflinchingly raw snapshots of her youth, Warren’s words are accompanied by original illustrations from Lydia Stone and curated photography from Francesca McConnell, Caroline Dare, Leche de Arte and Clara Slewa.


View more information at:

Or order directly via:


I love you an impossible amount and cannot thank each and every one of you for your support.

This project has been my raison d'être.


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