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Ramblings of an Escape Artist

This initially began as a one-sentence-vent on my close friends story (which tends to feature me crying, complaining or just generally out of my mind) alluding to the deplorable desire to hide from my newfound success in my dream career and return to working in a little bookstore and posting poetry on my little blog when it only had about 50 subscribers (close friends, colleagues, strangers who discovered my words via my freelance articles critiquing the beauty industry). This more or less led to a caffeine induced crisis and I am now less or more confined to unpacking or completely dissecting my thought process because it is a thought process all too common:

Why do we run (or at least fantasise about running) from the things we always dreamt of in order to seek comfort?

My excruciatingly methodological and analytical mind absolutely must break this concept down in order to digest it and overcome it or I will simply implode. I cannot speak from the perspective of others, so this aforementioned mind has come to three conclusions which in short sum this thick black mass that resides in the most delicate folds of my mind like pneumonia-esque fluid on the lungs...........

Hi! Dakota here, interjecting last-night-Dakota to say sorry in advance but if you want to continue reading this little stream of consciousness then you may want to take a look at my Patreon. I will be posting content much more frequently on Patreon as it allows me to simultaneously hold space for candid intimacy with my patrons and offer a slice of my brain whilst also providing means for me to continue to create words and magic full time. My paid year for this particular domain ends soon, so I'm considering transferring the pre-existing blog posts to the blog area of main site ( and prioritising my Patreon and personal projects (hello upcoming novel!) from here forth. Just to keep you in the loop <3

..........conclusion: Thank you. Sincerely. I wouldn’t be here without you. I value your support so much that I find comfort in inviting you into my mind and offering you a slice of my brain. This is my current state of being, and tomorrow it will be different.

Love always,


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