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Simple pleasures:

i. Wine, baths, wine in baths

ii. Peeling oranges with both hands

iii. Open windows, domestic breeze

iv. Breakfast

v. Patches of floor warmed by sun

vi. Soft green grass

vii. A full night of sleep

viii. Singing in the shower

ix. Dancing in the kitchen

x. Tulips

xi. Being silly with someone

xii. Sheets pegged to dry, billowing in the wind on a summer’s day

xiii. The space between sleep and wakefulness

xiv. Sweet pastries

xv. Poetry

xvi. Kisses. (See also: sloppy handsy kisses, sleepy morning kisses, wet sticky shower kisses, savoury drippy dinner kisses, cold-lipped brisk winter kisses, dare I go on)


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