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to do list 20/04/22

(hi. long time no see. missed you. easing back into posting with today's to do list.)

-post on blog

-meeting 1-2pm

-buy matcha

-buy almond milk (NOT alpro, alpro = vomit)

-create playlist for new era (private or public?)

-iron blazer

-the rivers are running red

-finish current read by dinner

-get roses from local florist (only if he has the deep red ones)

-buy vase to put aforementioned deep red roses in (if applicable)

-extract potentially postable excerpt of upcoming novel for teaser

-paint nails same colour as roses (if applicable)

-submit drama screenplay assignment by 5pm

-the rivers are running red

-sacrifice a virgin to a deity

-the rivers are running red

-the rivers are running red

-the rivers are running

-the rivers


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