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I have created and constructed infinite pieces. Some of them are lucky enough to escape Nowhere Girl headquarters and live a prosperous life in the publishing land of another business.
Here are a handful with online links. 

Are We Obsessed With Self-Image? (Oyster)

I-Extracted-A-Sentence-From-Various-Chronological-Journal-Entries-During-Isolation-And-I’m-Now-Concerned-For-My-Mental-Wellbeing (Pure Nowhere)

I-Accidentally-Went-On-A-European-Quest-In-The-Middle-Of-A-Pandemic (Fluff)

Upon Reflection (Fluff)

I Decided To Float (Fluff)

Future For You (Fluff)

Teensy Tiny Planet Poem (Fluff)

If Colours Were People (Fluff)

Deja Vu (Fluff) 

I Like The Polaroid Version Of Myself Best (Fluff)

The Year Of, Like, Realising Stuff (Fluff)

I Am (Fluff)

Don't Compliment Me (Fluff)

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